17 Fintech Trends You Should Know About: The Ultimate Guide

17 Fintech Trends You Should Know About: The Ultimate Guide


17 Fintech Trends You Should Know About: The Ultimate Guide

The future of fintech looks bright, with AI, robotic process automation, smart contracts, DeFi, and virtual reality all on the rise

The #1 Fintech Marketing Strategy for Lead Generation

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We’ve reached a golden time for Fintech. It’s no longer seen as just another techy buzzword, but something whose usefulness is proven and that’s been slowly creeping into the mainstream. But, as the Fintech industry grows and becomes more saturated, so do the potential challenges.

The good news is, there is a pretty simple way you can tackle these challenges head on and battle the misconceptions that surround the industry with intelligent Fintech marketing.

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The Ultimate Guide to Crypto Millionaire Status in 2023!

Are you ready to become a millionaire with cryptocurrency? If so, you’re in luck! In this video, we’ll be outlining the ultimate guide to achieving crypto millionaire status in 2023. From understanding the basics of cryptocurrency to investing strategies and market analysis, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll be sharing insider tips, tricks, and secrets that are essential to know if you want to achieve millionaire status within the crypto world. Our expert team has spent years in the industry, analyzing trends, and making educated investment decisions.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced investor, this video is the one-stop-shop for achieving your cryptocurrency millionaire dreams. We’ll be diving deep into the most promising coins to invest in for 2023, as well as how to read market trends and make strategic investment decisions.

So sit back, grab a notebook, and get ready to become a crypto millionaire in 2023!

Ultimate Guide to Camera Movement — Every Camera Movement Technique Explained [The Shot List Ep6]

Camera Movement Cheatsheet (Shot List) ►► http://bit.ly/cm-cheatsheet
The Ultimate Guide to Camera Movement ►► http://bit.ly/cm-film
The Whip Pan ►► http://bit.ly/wp-film
The Dolly Zoom Effect ►► http://bit.ly/dolly-zoom
Tracking Shots in Film ►► http://bit.ly/tracking-shots

00:00 Camera Movement Techniques
01:18 Static Shots
03:12 Pan
03:55 Whip Pan
05:11 Tilt
07:07 Push In
09:05 Pull Out
10:24 Zoom
11:55 Crash Zoom
12:50 Dolly Zoom
15:36 Camera Roll
17:43 Tracking
19:25 Trucking
20:40 Arc
22:47 Boom
24:23 Random Movement
26:27 Camera Movement Exercise: Star Wars Scene
28:05 Final Takeaways

Camera movement is a surefire way to amplify your visual storytelling. Whether you opt for a dolly shot, a tracking shot, or decide to go handheld, a simple scene can turn into an electrifying moment. In this video essay, Episode 6 of The Shot List, we’re going to cover every type of camera movement in film. From the storytelling value of each camera movement to the camera movement techniques necessary to pull them off.

First up is the static shot — the absence of camera movement. Static shots are perfect for dialogue scenes or when you want to showcase the actor’s performance. A pan shot is a go-to when you want to reveal context, setting, or even build suspense. A whip pan can be a dynamic way to transition between characters in a scene or between different scenes. The tilt is a camera movement typically used to introduce characters or show the size and scope of a location.

Pushing the camera in or pulling out are camera movements designed to either connect or disconnect the audience to a character or a situation. A zoom shot is not technically a camera movement because it is a function of the lens magnifying or de-magnifying the image. But when you combine it with a dolly camera movement, you can create a striking and cinematic camera movement called a dolly zoom. The dolly zoom effect compresses or stretches the background around the subject for an evocative and powerful camera shot. When a camera rolls, the world is literally turned upside down.

Tracking shots will lead or follow the subject and can be utilized in any number of situations. When the camera follows parallel to the subject, it is known as trucking. When the camera movement surrounds the subject to make them feel surrounded or perhaps heroic, you’ve got yourself an arc shot. A boom shot is a vertical camera movement, which can be subtle or grand like a crane shot. The final camera movement is handheld with random shake and/or seemingly arbitrary zooms. When you’re going for documentary realism, this is the ideal approach to camera movement.

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